Thank you for your interest in volunteering with TCA! 

Please check our FAQ below for your questions. 

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Q:  Do I have to buy a ticket to the show?  Will I get to see the show and have a seat?

A: You don’t have to buy a ticket to the show and will most likely see a majority of it.  You are not guaranteed a seat, but can watch once your duties have been completed.  You will be expected to help at the tables before the show, during intermission, and afterward for a short time.

Q:  I can’t make the volunteer commitment, can I give my ticket to a friend or family member?

A: Tickets are non-transferable and cannot be given to anyone else to enter or volunteer at the show.

Q: Do I have to know about the organization before I volunteer and what will my responsibilities be?

A: No, you will be trained before the show and you will be handing out information about the organization, answering questions, and helping people sign-up.

Q:  What time do I have to be at the show?

A: In order to be trained and ready before all general admission guests arrive, volunteers must arrive at the venue two hours before the show starts.  For example, if the show starts at 7pm, volunteers are to arrive at 5pm.

Q:  I am over 18, can I bring someone with me who is under 18?

A:  No, we are only allowed to distribute volunteer tickets to those over the age of 18. (Children of registered volunteers under the age of 18 must purchase a ticket to accompany their parent.  They cannot help with the volunteer duties, but can stay near their parent.)

Q:  Where do I park…Is there food at the venue…How do I get to the venue?

A:  Volunteers do not have designated parking and are responsible for all of their own respective fees to park. Please go to the show website to get information on the show venue, including food options, parking, and directions.  You will receive a text message on the day of the event to give you updated volunteer entrance and recommended parking information.

Q:  If I have volunteered with TCA before, do I need to sign up again?

A: No, just go to our Volunteer Hub website HERE.  Put in your UserName and password and pick another show to volunteer.

Q:  I can’t climb stairs, can I volunteer?  I have to have assistance, can I volunteer?

A: Unfortunately, no.  All volunteers have to be able to climb stairs, walk, and stand without assistance for at least 30 minutes continuously.

Q:  What will I have to do when I volunteer?

A:  You will need to participate in training time before doors open, help at the child sponsorship table if needed, pass out sponsorship forms in the concert area during the appeal, and assist with packing up if needed.

Q:  Is there a dress code?

A: While there is no specific dress code, we do ask that you dress comfortably and semi-casually and that you wear close-toed shoes that allow for an abundance of walking, standing, and climbing stairs.

Q: I can make it to the show but will be late, can I still volunteer?

A: You will need to report to the venue a MINIMUM OF two hours before the show starts.  If you cannot be there at the volunteer call time, we will not be able to train you and you will not be given entrance to the venue or able to volunteer that day.



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